The Frankfort Township Animal Control Officer, Karen Zobjeck, is always on duty to take calls or concerns, and has support from local police departments on all animal incidents and complaints. She will address all complaints regarding nuisance cats and dogs that are barking or running at large, as well as, enforce rabies vaccinations and ID tag registration. This includes the provision of the Frankfort Township Animal Control Ordinance. Services do not include nuisance wildlife, so please see the list of referrals below.

Most species such as skunks, raccoons, opossums, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, coyotes, Canadian geese, etc., have adapted well to living among humans and use them as a valuable resource for food, shelter, etc.
Trapper Nick 708-218-0535
Jason's Trapping 815-304-5370
Smithereen Pest and Wildife Control 815-722-7766
Nuisance Wildlife 815-836-8380

You must have a permit to trap nuisance wildlife and also be licensed for trapping and removal of wildlife. The trapping and relocation of wildlife is being handled by professional trappers. Some trappers that are listed above come into the Frankfort Township, at a cost to the homeowner, to handle wildlife issues that you are unable to handle yourself.