Nella Piccolin, Township Clerk

Welcome to the Frankfort Township Clerk’s website. My name is Nella Piccolin, I am a former Will County Board Member, Township Collector, Township Trustee, and Park Board President. I was appointed Town Clerk in November of 2012.

As Township Clerk, I am the keeper of the township’s records and the clerk of all town meetings. I also hold the duties of keeping minutes of all meetings, along with overseeing early voting at the Township offices.

As Town Clerk, I am focused on the following Frankfort Initiatives:
• Accountability, integrity and efficiency
• Pro-active Governance
• Improved Township Communications

I am a former business owner and have been a Frankfort resident for over thirty years. I reside in Frankfort with my husband E. J. Dal Bello; together we have two grown children Frank and Antonio Dal Bello.

You can contact me with any questions or concerns at