Message from the Frankfort Township Highway Commissioner

Because there are so many people who don’t even know that we have a township highway department, I would like to take a minute to tell you a little bit about us.

We are located at 9434 W. LaPorte Road in Mokena, just east of U.S. Route 45. We have a relatively small staff and 65 miles of road within our jurisdiction which consists of unincorporated areas and a large and ever-growing population of 55,000 to serve.

We are proud to note, we have a balanced budget, even in a shaky economy. We do not budget more than we need and we do not spend more than we budget. Equally important, we’ve consistently lowered the tax rate since I have been highway commissioner.

Our annual budget this year is just over $3 million and from that, we provide street, sidewalk,curb and bridge repairs, snow removal and winter road salting. The Leaf Pickup Program starts approximately October going into November, of course, this all depends on Mother Nature! Calling for leaf pickup is NOT required. Our Summer pickup for branches has now ended for the year. Branch pickup will resume again on the first Monday of May, 2012 through the end of September, and mowing of township parkways. The budget also provides for maintenance of the road district’s extensive fleet of trucks and equipment, purchase of new equipment, construction of bike paths,and staff salaries.

The completion of our new building has allowed us to expand services and house the township’s PACE buses. We are now able to maintain and repair the buses when necessary, which translates into more savings for the township.

As your highway commissioner, I am an administrator but I also work alongside our street and maintenance crews. This allows me to see first-hand our needs and how well we are fulfilling them.

The condition of our property and equipment is important to me -- it is a reflection of the community. Everybody here is concerned and conscientious about their job. As your elected official, I hope to utilize the resources of the township to best serve our constituents. My focus is always on providing the highest level of service and getting the job done.

Please call the Frankfort Township Road District (708) 479-9673 to determine whether a permit is needed for your home improvements.

Bill Carlson Frankfort Township Highway Commissioner


As you are problably aware, there is an active emerald ash borer infestation in your area. It is an unfortunate situation, but removal of all ash trees is necessary. The borer cannot be killed- there is no chemical preventative to kill it or prevent the ash trees from getting the borer. We have already begun the removal process, as I am sure you have seen us int he area working. Only those ash trees that are located in the pakway are being removed. Ash trees located on private property and placed at the curb for Township pickup WILL NOT be picked up. Please contact a tree service so that they may come out and assess the situation of those trees for you.

Any stumps left behind from a tree removal will be ground out at a later date. Trees that are marked with white paint will be removed by an outside contractor. Please be assured that tree replacements will be done at a future date, yet to be determined. You are guaranteed at lease one tree replacement. If multiple trees were removed from your parkway, any more than one tree replacement will be assessed depending on parkway size. The types of tree replacements to be done are still being considered as we want to replace with trees that are best suited for the parkways and size of those parkways.

Removal and replacement of the ash trees is going to be a long, timely process. Your patience and understanding through this is greatly appreciated. Please call our office at 708-479-9673 with any questins you may have. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Bill Carlson
Highway Commissioner