RTA Senior Reduced Fare Address Change for RTA Applications

ATTENTION: Starting February 25, 2019, a new vendor, Omicron Technologies, will process RTA Reduced Fare and Ride Free applications and produce permits.

The new vendor will receive new applications via U.S. mail at: P.O. Box 301150, Chicago, IL 60630 Attn: Regional Transportation Authority. Applications and mail sent to the previous vendor will be forwarded to Omicron Technologies for processing; this may result in a delay in both processing applications and producing permits so you are encouraged to send applications to the new vendor at the new address.

The RTA is committed to assuring that riders in our region—regardless of income, age or physical ability—have access to and understand how to use the region’s transit system. To achieve that, the RTA offers a range of customer services.

For more information, visit RTA website by CLICKING HERE