As of Monday, August 22, 2022, The Frankfort Township is now using the Will County Will Ride Program as our transportation provider.

As of Monday, August 22, 2022, The Frankfort Township is now using the Will County Will Ride Program as our transportation provider.
If you are currently registered with the Frankfort Township Dial A Ride, you will need to book your rides by calling 800-224-4470 between 6AM – 5PM M-F at least two days, but not more than 7 days in advance to book your ride.
When calling, have the exact address of the location of your destination.
If you have questions regarding rides, call - 800-244-4410 X 3810.
If you are NOT currently registered, call the Frankfort Township office at 815-469-4907.
Rides within Frankfort Township are $2.00 each way.
Rides 10 miles outside Frankfort Township borders are $4.00 each trip.
Exact fare is required


Will County Seeking Feedback on Paratransit and Dial-a-Ride Services
Launches “Access Will County” to examine transportation options
Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant today announced the opening of the public engagement period for Access Will County, which will evaluate county-wide paratransit and dial-a-ride services and mobility options.

Residents are invited to take a survey if they use paratransit or dial-a-ride services, or if they are interested in using a similar service in the future. The survey will be open until October 5, 2022.

“I’m proud to be launching Access Will County to assess how the various dial-a-ride services around the county are serving residents,” said Bertino-Tarrant. “Public input is key to this process, and I invite all residents to take the survey and share their perspective.”

The survey is part of the public engagement period of the Paratransit Integration and Efficiency Study, which will evaluate existing services, identify gaps in service relative to community needs, and evaluate alternatives for coordination of services. The study is funded by a $200,000 grant from Pace Suburban Bus and is expected to be completed by May 2023.

The existing network consists of a variety of services, including through Pace, Will County Will-Ride, and several local governments and non-profit organizations. Unlike a traditional bus service, which operates on a published and fixed route, dial-a-ride provides a flexible, on-demand service that responds to rider requests for travel within a specific service area. These services are often geared towards those with mobility limitations that prevent them from accessing scheduled bus service or live outside of an area served by scheduled bus service, such as a rural area.

“Paratransit and dial-a-ride services play a critical role for many residents to get to work and medical appointments, especially for seniors and people with disabilities,” said Bertino-Tarrant. “Access Will County aims to also look at how these services can better serve that population and learn who else might benefit from expanded mobility options.”

The survey, along with more information about Access Will County, is available at