Food Pantry: Many Thanks

Letter from the Frankfort Township Supervisor,
Jim Moustis

Frankfort Township would like to thank the residents of our community for their continued generosity donating to the Frankfort Township Food Pantry.

Jim Moustis, Frankfort Township Supervisor stated; “We have seen an additional need in our community and the township food pantry has stepped up to fill that need, with the generous help of our local residents and businesses.”

With the increased demand of our clients, we are asking once again for the Frankfort Township community to continue their great support to those who are having a difficult time in this economic climate.
We at the Frankfort Township Food Pantry have truly been blessed. Our community continues to provide for the needs of our residents. Our local residents, organizations, and businesses have continued to support us with food, monetary, and other donations.

To the right is a picture of John Olivieri, Mokena Community Park Foundation President, presenting a $5,000.00 check for our Food Pantry. Also pictured is Jeannine Hetfleisch, Food Pantry Director, Mike Hilton, Food Harvester, and Jim Moustis, Township Supervisor.

The picture below was taken in our Pantry with our volunteers helping stock the shelves.
Frankfort Car Club donates $2,000.00 to Frankfort Township Food Pantry (picture below)

Many thanks to the Frankfort Car Club - below. Mike Hilton, Chuck Ravetto, Sharon Ravetto, Steve Muransky, Dave Mosier and Jim Moustis, Supervisor.

Thank you to all of our contributors!

With sincere thanks and appreciation,
Frankfort Township