Jim Moustis, Township Supervisor

Frankfort Township is marking its 163nd anniversary this year as a truly local form of government. We are very service-oriented, providing more programs than ever for our 55,000-plus constituents over our vast area of villages and unincorporated neighborhoods. Residents in unincorporated areas rely on the range of services that Frankfort Township provides for them, including community activities and maintenance. Many of our functions are not available through municipalities or the county but we feel that they are important to sustaining a strong community.

For example, the Frankfort Township Food Pantry provides thousands of dollars worth of non-perishable food and grocery certificates to families who have nowhere else to turn.

Additionally, the Mosquito Abatement Program protects residents from insects and their potentially dangerous viruses. The township also offers a Notary Public, and voter registration.

Frankfort Township does its best to provide great services for its residents and I’m very excited about the future of this township. I’ve lived here since 1972 and every year the community grows better and stronger. Take some time to explore our website to discover what we can do for you.

Jim Moustis
Frankfort Township Supervisor