Joseph Kral, Township Assessor

As a public servant I believe that open government leads to good government. With my open door policy, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet many residents during the course of my first year. Many of you were able to stop by the office and relate first-hand the challenges and struggles facing all of us during these difficult economic times.

It is evident that the people of Frankfort Township are proud of their community, the quality of life it offers, and the amenities provided. Repeatedly, I was informed that most residents understand the need for a strong tax-base from which to pay for these services and that they are willing to pay their fair share of this burden. No more, no less.

To help accomplish “No more, No Less” this year the office began the multi year process of assessing property using our state-of-the-art CAMA software database and valuation engine.

By utilizing this system, my staff and I will be able to provide assessments that are not only fair and equitable but both readily explainable and quantifiable by simple formulas and methods. In addition, during the course of 2010, this office was able to discover, measure, and assess properties which had been un-assessed for several years. In so doing we were able to add $45,523,885 to our total Equalized Assessed Value and thus reduce and relieve the overall tax burden on every property owner in Frankfort Township.

In a nutshell, it is the mission of this office to ensure that every property to be assessed is done fairly and equitably. I want to ensure that the assessment and the process by which it is derived and then extended, be communicated effectively to every property owner.

As much as we have been able to accomplish over the past year it is just a beginning. This coming year brings our quadrennial reassessment. We will need to investigate every parcel in Frankfort Township. Like a thorough housecleaning or perhaps a business inventory, this year’s “Quad” presents a tremendous opportunity to really begin to make good on my promise to create fair and equitable assessments for every property owner in the township. In closing, I write this with the belief that all of our work in 2010 is just a start. “The Best is yet to come”. Joseph N. Kral, C.I.A.O. Assessor, Frankfort Township

The Frankfort Township Assessor may be reached at 815-464-3180.

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