Highway Department: Leaf/Branch Pickup

The Branch Pickup Program will begin on May 1, 2023.


Branch pick up season begins on the first Monday of May and runs through the last Monday of September. The branch pick up program is strictly for trimming and pruning of trees and shrubs. Only that type of debris will be picked up. Branches must be out by 7:00 am on Monday. Branches have to be placed on the ground at the roadside edge with the cut ends facing toward the street. Bundling of branches is not necessary, please put thorny debris in a separate pile.

The following is a list of debris that will not be picked up and that requires you to contact a tree service or your garbage company for these types of removals:

*** Whole tree removals from private property (INCLUDING BRANCHES).

*** Complete landscape removals and clearing of lots. Excessive trimming/pruning will not be picked up.

*** Ash tree removals from private property.

*** Any wood from fencing, decks or home renovations.


As a result of our branch pick up, wood chips are available to residents free of charge. The wood chips are not the quality that you would be getting from a landscaping company and may contain leaves and small branches in them. Small and large loads may be requested for deliveries.


Fall leaf pick up will start as leaves begin to fall and will end at the first plowable snow fall or December 15. Please rake your leaves into piles along the road edge/curb ~ not the road. Leaves put into bags or any type of container will not be picked up. Do not block your leaf piles with your car. Our trucks will be out on a daily basis, when needed, but every street in the Township will not be picked up every day. There is no spring leaf pick up. Please be advised that burning in Will County is not permitted within 50 feet of any structure.