Frankfort Township Seniors

Hello, Welcome to Frankfort Township's Senior Activities page. My name is Jodi Gallagher-Dilling. I plan the senior trips and activities that the township provides. If you look on the activities page you will see the list of activities provided. You need to call 815-806-2766 on the 15th of the month prior to the event you would like to go to.
Remember that call in starts at 7:30 AM. On non chartered events the bus only has 20 seats. You can always drive yourself and meet us at any of the events we have scheduled. Look forward to seeing you all on our up coming trips.
For information on Seniour Housing, Home Health Agencies, Non-Medical Home Health Agencies, Services and Resources and more, click on SENIORS BLUE BOOK for more infomation,to sign up for their Newsletter or to order a FREE Guide.