Seniors: Senior Housing

On the township grounds, the Autumn Valley apartment complex gives senior citizens secure and comfortable residences at a very reasonable cost. Seniors aged 60 and older are eligible for one of the 24 apartments. The Autumn Valley apartments are funded by rental fees, and no tax dollars are used to support them.

If you are interested in either the Autumn Valley one bedroom units located on the corner of Route 30 and Wolf Rd. in Frankfort, or the Landings Pointe 2 bedroom units located at 20668 Landings Pointe in Frankfort, please fill out an application and be put on the waiting list.

Call the township for additional information.

Frankfort Township Senior Housing units at the Landings Pointe in Frankfort are now fully occupied. The 12-unit Lighthouse Pointe condo building is located at Colorado Avenue and Pfeiffer Road in Frankfort. Applications are available at the Township office 11000 W. Lincoln Highway, Frankfort, IL. If you would like any information on the units, please call the Frankfort Township Office at 815-469-4907.