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Nurse's Closet

Frankfort Township has a free rental service for Frankfort Township residents, to loan out up to six months of medical equipment called the Nurse's Closet.  

The Nurse's Closert loans out items such as:

  • Canes/ 4-prong canes

  • Crutches

  • Commodes

  • Toilet Risers (with and without handles)

  • Shower Chairs 

  • Transfer Benches 

  • Walkers (with and without wheels)

  • Rolling walkers with brakes 

  • Knee Walkers 

  • Wheelchairs with leg risers 

  • Transport Chairs with leg risers

NC Image
To rent out equipment please call
(815) 469-4907 ext. 2776 
NC Transfer Bench

Transfer Bench

NC Wheelchair


NC toliet riser

Toilet Riser with Handles

NC Shower Chair

Shower Chair

NC canes-crutches

Crutches, 4-Prong Cane, Canes

NC Commode


NC Knee Walker

Knee Walker

NC Toliet Riser

Toilet Riser without Handles

NC Walker with Wheels

Walker with Wheels

NC Rolling Walker

Rolling Walker with Brakes 

NC transfer chair

Transport Chair

NC Walker

Walker without Wheels

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