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Will County Will-Ride 

As of Monday, August 22, 2022, The Frankfort Township is now using the Will County Will-Ride Program as our transportation provider. If you have registered for the Dial-A-Ride Program please call (800) 244-4410 to schedule rides. If you have not registered for the Will-Ride program please call our main office at (815) 469-4907

This service is for Frankfort Township residents who are either 60 years and older and/or with a disability.

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Will County Will-Ride 

Scheduling Rides:

Will County Will-Ride schedules rides between 6:ooAM – 5:00PM (Monday - Friday)

Will County Will-Ride Bus Hours are 8:00AM - 5:00PM (Monday - Friday) 

*Rides have to be scheduled at least two days before, but not more than 7 days in advance*
*Exact address of destination is required*

*There are no same day rides*

Frankfort Township Boundaries:

Rides within the Township are $2.00 each way.  
Frankfort Township is bordered by Harlem Avenue (Illinois Route 43) on the east (where Cook County and Will County share a border), 183rd Street and Orland Parkway on the north (which is also the Cook-Will county border), Townline Road on the west, and Steger Road on the south.

Will County Will-Ride Boundaries: 

Rides up to 10 miles outside of the Township are $4.00 each way.

Please call (800) 244-4410 or visit the Will County Page for exact boundaries.

**Exact fares are required**

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