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Public Safety Information

Frankfort Township participates in numerous safety and public information programs, including the Village of Frankfort’s Annual Night Out Against Crime and Touch-A-Truck. Contact our office for more information regarding upcoming events.

Emerald Ash Borer
The Emerald Ash Borer is present in Frankfort Township. The emerald ash borer, (Agrilus planipennis fairmaire) is a small (1/2 inch long, 1/8 inch wide) metallic green beetle native to Asia. While it was first found in Michigan in 2002, it is likely that the beetle population had been established quite a few years before discovery. To read more on this beetle, click here.

The Frankfort Township Road District has been and will continue to be proactive in addressing the situation. Some ash trees have been removed already but there are many more in the Township that will have to be removed. This is going to be a long and time-consuming process.

Your cooperation and patientce as this issue is being addressed is greatly appreciated.

Any questions or concerns that you may have please call  708-479-9673

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